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Cats and dogs

Cats and Dogs

Be sure to use search feature to find additional cat and dog cards and prints or see additional section below..

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Birthday Cards

$$$ for School Music

In addition, is the East TN card for which $1 is donated. More will be added to the collection in the future. I love requests! Send to

Phoneme card

Educational Cards

Plans are to continue with Linguistics cards. We have also started science and engineering.

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East TN Xmas Cards

Some of these cards are good for other locations. If you order at least 100 cards, I can change the back of the card to say whatever you like,


Weddings and Engagements

For announcements and thank yous.

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"Southerisms" and Georgia Cards

Community and Home

Community and Home Cards

Cats and dogs

More Cats, Dogs and Other Animals

Note that Messages on the cards can be changed to suit your needs with large orders.

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Get Well - Feel Better Cards

Miscellaneous Greeting Cards are also Great for Inspiration.

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East TN Note Cards

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Xmas & Chanukah Cards

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Miscellaneous Greetings

I’ve got News, Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Devil Made Me Do It, Sleep On It, Love You to the Moon & Back...

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Bird Yoga, Cat Yoga, Bear Yoga...