Music Teacher Gifts and Cat - A - Palooza

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SO6.0 Bird Yoga

G3.0 Ukulele History

G3.0 Ukulele History

7.0 Music is the Food of Love -          Feed Your Puppy.

8.0 Practice Tip No. 8 - Just Do It!


14.0 "Sleep On It"

5.0 Warm Up with Scales and Arpeggios


24.0 Trumpet Air

MA7.0 Fiddler on the Woof

MG4.0 I Love You to the Moon and Back


MA6.0 You Can't Teach Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can Teach Him New Songs

EP2.0 Be Familiar with all Parts

4.0 Cat in the Fiddle -                          Only Practice on Days that you Eat.


MA1.0 Khatchamouse Tango

A2.0 Have Foam with Your Music

A3.0 Resolve Your Blues in the Final Four Bars

E1.0 I Forgot to Practice My Scales

6.0 Love Your Axe

A1.0 Pick Banjos, Not Fights

"Pick Banjos, Not Fights"


S3.0 "Bow Wow"

8.4 "Grab the Bull by the Horns and Follow Your Rainbow"


18.0 Practising a Phrase Repeatedly